A city both alive with the spirit of the future yet established proudly in tradition, Ho Chi Minh City, fondly called Saigon, is a thriving metropolis of innovation. As visitors explore the busy streets and wind the city's alleyways, an endless array of activities becomes available, from cultural and historical museums to international restaurants and entertainment hot spots. Modern skyscrapers rest next to French colonial restored mansions, creating a singular backdrop for an optimistic society.


A true city on the rise, Saigon's buzzing excitement and sleepless energy is ready to sweep away vacationers and business travellers alike. Let's discover the city with InterContinental Saigon Hotel & Residences.

Mekong Delta - Top 5 reasons to visit Saigon
Five reasons to visit Saigon
Top 5 reasons to visit

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon and long considered as the Pearl of the Far East, is the most dizzying city of commerce and culture in Vietnam. Below are top reasons that you should choose Ho Chi Minh as your first destination when traveling to Vietnam!

  1. 1.Beautiful Mekong Delta:

    A few hours from Ho Chi Minh City, surrounded by vast maze of rivers, rice paddies, swampland and green foliage, the Mekong Delta is like a world away from the busy streets that will give you an entirely different perspective of Vietnam altogether
  2. 2.Rich Local History:

    Home to the War Remnants Museum, the Independence Palace, the intricate system of Cu Chi Tunnels and along with a number of other iconic landmarks, Saigon is perfect for both history buffs and those who need a beginner's lesson on Vietnam's rich past
  3. 3.Delicious Invented Food:

    Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture and Saigon's street food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world as it mixes together a wide range of many flavors and tastes from other local parts of the country, and even better, from other countries as well.
  4. 4.Chaotic but charming atmosphere:

    You can feel Ho Chi Minh City overwhelmingly busy as it's the largest city in the country and a thriving hub of commerce. It's also a thrilling, exhilarating experience, with an atmosphere like nowhere else in Vietnam. Don't forget to try your hand at a motorbike to live life in the fast lane.
  5. 5.Energetic Nightlife:

    The true energetic and dynamic form of the city will come alive in the evening, with everywhere from cafés and bars to lakes and bridges filled with night owls. After a day of exploring in the inescapable Vietnamese heat, nothing beats relaxing with a cold drink in hand in a rooftop bar.
Weather & People in Ho Chi Minh City
Weather & People in Ho Chi Minh City
Climate, Demographic


Located in Vietnam's southern region, Saigon is blessed with a pleasant climate all year round. Two seasons prevail in Saigon, the dry season (from October to March) and the rainy season (from April to September). The best time to visit Saigon is from December to March, while the weather is cooler despite being in dry season.

Traffic & Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City
Traffic & Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City

An outstanding feature of the energetic city, the millions of motorbikes on Saigon's roads will likely be intimidating to the first-time traveller. Though renting a motorbike is easy to do, driving in the streets may be harder. For less stress, many travellers choose taxi services instead. Vinasun and Mai Linh are the most trusted.

Banh Mi - Top food choice in Ho Chi Minh City
Top food choice in Ho Chi Minh City
Top Food Choices

To truly experience Vietnamese cuisine, a bowl of pho and a banh mi are essential, but don't stop here. Less universally known, but superbly delicious, are southern Vietnamese favourites like com tam (broken rice, traditionally served with a cut of meat) and banh xeo (a fried saffron-infused Vietnamese pancake served with bean sprouts and fresh greens).

Local culture in Ho Chi Minh city
Local culture in Ho Chi Minh city
Local Culture

A happy country full of smiles, Vietnamese culture runs deep in every resident's heart, and can be seen in all practices of daily life. Family and tradition are at the core of Vietnamese society, along with a strong respect for elders. Be sure to spend time talking to friendly residents, known for their singular warmth.